Autoimmune Makeover Guide – Review

ipad, autoimmune makeover guide

Happy Sunday! I wanted to do a little positive review today for a great new AIP resource! One of the top AIP food bloggers, Michelle of Unbound Wellness, has released the “30 Day Autoimmune Makeover Guide.”  I’ve had a look, and I gotta say, I love it! It’s absolutely gorgeous, has delicious and uncomplicated recipes, and includes 30 days of meal plans and shopping lists. The Autoimmune Makeover Guide approaches the AIP in a Whole30 style, while breaking down into understandable terms everything you need to know about the who/what/where/when/and how of implementing the Autoimmune Protocol. Whew!

ipad, autoimmune makeover guide

I think by now we can all agree that having an autoimmune disorder isn’t a fun time. There are many individual ways to approach healing, and not everything works for everyone. As you also probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of including proper nutrition in your healing plan. Unfortunately, however, many of us will require an elimination protocol to lower chronic inflammation, heal the gut lining, and reset our systems with a little break.

I will shamelessly admit that I love the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) for this. Firstly, it is SO EASY to individualize. Secondly, it focuses on nutrient-density, sleep, and lifestyle changes to optimize healing on ALL levels – it’s truly a holistic approach! There are so many wonderful resources out there now, and each one will call to different people in different ways. This one definitely called to me!

In short conclusion, I feel the Autoimmune Makeover Guide is a strong, comprehensive resource if you are looking for guidance in implementing an AIP approach. As always, listen to your gut, and best of luck in your healing journey!

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