Remembering Martine Partridge

martine partridge

The autoimmune community has recently lost a very dear friend and leader. Today, with very heavy hearts, the AIP blogging community is coming together to share the painful loss of one of our own, Martine Partridge of Eat Heal Thrive, and to celebrate the enormous impact of her life on each of us. Martine shared wonderfully witty posts and delicious recipes, all focused on health, happiness, and healing from a very real-life viewpoint. Her obituary can be found here.

I didn’t know her personally, but through a few interactions on social media, it was obvious that Martine was a lovely spirit with a very sharp wit and a kindness so warm you could feel it through her words. Her example of strength, proactive self-advocacy in her health journey, and joyful humour no matter the challenge is a clear guide for all of us. Among Autoimmune Warriors, Martine’s spirit definitely stands out and shines brightly.

Some of my favourite recipes of Martine’s is her Cauli-Cheese Sauce, Chicken Liver Pate with Mushrooms and Bacon, and Turkish Delight Gummies.

I also love this wonderful post by her – it got me over some humps to be sure!

Addressing Fear
Some of you may feel some fear surfacing at the reality of Martine’s passing, but she would be the first to tell you that the diet and lifestyle choices we make are as much about preserving quality of life as extending it. She was diagnosed at age 15 and almost died at age 17. She used a healing diet to minimize her symptoms and lived a vital life for another 23 years. She’s truly an incredible inspiration to us all.

Thank you, Martine, for your selfless contribution and vivacious energy. You are sorely missed.

Consider a Donation
If you would like to contribute to the fund organized by the AIP blogging community in Martine’s memory, please follow this link:

The proceeds will be divided between Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, in honour of Martine’s steadfast life as a proud autoimmune warrior, and to the SPCA, in honour of Martine’s deep love for animals and her dog, Henry. Thank you for helping us honour Martine’s life with your generosity.

Please feel free to share in the comments about your interactions with Martine. It’s a lovely way to remember and acknowledge her impact on all of us.

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***[All photos in this post are borrowed from Martine Partridge’s Instagram. They are her property, not mine, but I hope she would not mind my using them as a celebration of her achievements in the autoimmune and AIP blogging community.]

3 thoughts on “Remembering Martine Partridge

  1. I unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting Martine. I hadn’t discovered her wonderful work until today. But I am so sad to see such a lovely soul leave so soon. And her beautiful, loving personality is so clear in all of her words.
    She clearly made such an important impact with everything she did; I have no doubts that she would be so touched by this wonderful celebration of all of her goodness.
    Thank you for sharing! And thank you for being a beacon of goodness yourself. People like you and Martine make the world a better place. <3

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