Thyroid Anniversary

I am coming up on the three year anniversary of my Graves’ diagnosis. The date that my life changed forever.

My body was screaming at me, trying to tell me that something was seriously wrong, but it took me almost two months of coming home from work with my ankles looking like this (as well as a myriad of other symptoms) before I finally sought out some professional help.

I honestly thought that I was swelling because I was on my feet for nine hours a day. I thought that the intense stress I was feeling was residual from graduating college in amongst an immature cyclone of “high-school style” arguments and miscommunications with friends (and the consequential loss of those friends). I figured the ridiculous mood swings and crying stints were related to the stress, and the weakening muscles were related to three years as a student and suddenly standing for nine hours a day. My symptoms fit the new trend of adrenal fatigue to a “T” (well OF COURSE they did!), so that just enforced my thought process and I let it go on.IMG_1054I suddenly dropped 10lbs in one week, my hair had been falling out in clumps, my family had been insisting for over a month that I see a doctor (perhaps I am more stubborn than I thought?)…I finally went to see my Naturopath. That day I walked the four blocks to the clinic for blood tests and was so tired, I had to call my fiancé (now husband) to come pick me up and take me home. That same night, I was so exhausted, swollen, heart racing…a crying heap who could not move; I went to Emergency and was immediately hooked up to tubes and monitors.

Within an hour I had the diagnosis that my thyroid levels were off the charts and I had an appointment with an Endocrinologist (coincidentally the same one my brother has for his Type I Diabetes). I got an urgent call the next morning from my Naturopath with those test results saying the same thing – if I’d only gone to him sooner. So began the last three years of ups and downs.

And here I am! Still alive, still with a functioning thyroid gland (functioning is obviously a relative term), and still learning about how to heal my body and why it stopped functioning properly in the first place. (Hint: it’s almost ALWAYS the Liver! Poor thing is exhausted!)

Lesson learned: always listen to what your Body is trying to tell you! It will never lie to you, and it needs your help sometimes.

An Apology to my Body:

Thank you, Body, for all that you do, that I previously was unaware and inconsiderate of. Thank you for giving me the signs, so that I can learn to read them. Thank you for being diligent in reminding me when I stop appreciating you, which is, sadly, too often. I am slowly, but surely, learning to listen. I was always aware that you were in distress; however, I was lazy and simply overwhelmed by what you were telling me. You’ve been honest and patient with me, so I will try to be honest and patient with you. I would not exist without you, yet I am only just learning to honour you appropriately. Know that I now acknowledge you and appreciate you, and that I will continue to learn as much as I can so that we can enjoy this journey called Life together. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Thyroid Anniversary

  1. I know that this is almost a whole year since you wrote this post…But do you know that you are my heroine? You inspire me to try again, to not give in to hopelessness, to keep reading-researching-asking questions to find answers that ring true.
    Your ‘Apology’ to your body hit me right in my chest! Aah! How brave and how true…If I had known this self love in my own life, could I have passed that on to you and your brother? Probably… okay, turning away from regret to thankfulness, that you are finding your own path to love, acceptance, and strength!
    Perhaps you are finding your way so that you can teach me and your dad new pathways to health and happiness?
    I thank all the powers that be that I got to be your mom. A privilege. An honour.
    Thank you, Emily, for being brave enough to keep seeking. You light my way on my own path.
    Shine on.

    1. Wow! Thank you Mom…that means a lot that someone might be able resonate with my writing. I have to remind myself constantly to be thankful, so definitely don’t be hard on yourself! xo

  2. Oops! Connection. I think this can be common, for people to put off going to get tests etc. But a learning experience indeed! Love your writing, Em! May you be healthy, happy, and loving in the year ahead.

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