Welcome to the NEW Living Lovely Autoimmune!

It’s here, it’s here!!!

I’ve been working hard on building a more beautiful, concise and totally fresh website for Living Lovely Autoimmune – and it’s finally here! I hope you all love the new design, and (hopefully) easier navigation of the new site. So many thanks to my hubby, The Portable Geek, as I could never have done this without his help and mad geek skills!

Living Lovely Autoimmune is about using nutrition and lifestyle changes to bring about healing for chronic illness so that you can flourish again. Whether it’s using the Autoimmune Protocol (a big feature here!), Paleo, Wahls, simply eating more veggies, cutting out gluten, or using strong self care practices, you have the power to change your life with an autoimmune diagnosis. Medications and doctors are not the enemy here, as they have a strong place in our healing journeys, but sometimes we need a little more help than they can give us.

I believe that as soon as we take our own healing into our own hands, magic can happen.

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