Armpit Adventures + Detox Mask

I’ve been struggling with detoxing lately due to some thyroid chaos and who knows what else (I’ll post about this later as I’m still trying to figure it out), which means I’ve been stinking pretty bad and NOTHING will touch it – not any deodorant or essential oil, and baking soda is giving me MAJOR rashes. This may be TMI for most conversations, but I KNOW that some of you out there are struggling with this too. Even “healthy” people can smell bad!

So in a moment of absolute despair I decided to try the pit detox mask recipe that has been floating around the internet (I was literally crying and bemoaning my lot in life as I mixed this up, applied, and waited for it to dry – drama queen over here!).

It stung a little since I’m so rashy, but it WORKED and I was smell free for the whole day! I’m not sure if using the mask everyday is without consequence, but every other day is working for me at the moment. I obviously have a pile of internal stuff to figure out and treat, but this mask is proving to be super helpful.

The Wellness Mama has a good post on her armpit mask trial and the whys behind doing an armpit detox, while Clumps of Mascara writes some honest truth about her pits and using a detox mask. Check them out and best of luck on your pit detoxing adventure!


Pit-Saving Detox Mask
1 Tbsp bentonite clay
1-2 tsp organic apple cider vinegar (depending on sensitivity)
1-2 tsp water*

Mix in a non-metal dish, adding water until desired paste consistency is reached (just like a clay face mask). Apply to underarms and leave on for 10-20 mins. I found it didn’t dry much unless I kept my arms up, but it still works. Wash off gently with a warm washcloth and enjoy being non-stinky!

*If this recipe is too harsh for your tender pits, try adding coconut oil instead of water for a soothing addition, and definitely moisturize afterwards as well.

3 thoughts on “Armpit Adventures + Detox Mask

  1. This is such an intriguing article! I’m going to try this too, as my homemade deodourant isn’t working anymore…and I despaired and went back to ‘secret’ brand out of frustration- darn!- It’s not working for the full day either!

  2. Wow, mould is seriously scary! Your experiment with enzymes sounds very interesting – I’d be interested to hear how that progresses. On the topic of acids and bases: what I understand is that the clay pulls the “toxins” outwards, while the ACV regulates skin pH. You could definitely get a result from just the clay (and the ACV is too strong for some anyway!). In theory, the probiotics should work topically – but it may depend on the strains of bacteria (we have different ones on our skin to an extent). Check out the company ‘Mother Dirt’ – they make body products using bacteria to replace the skin’s microbiome – very cool stuff!

  3. Ha! As I got more tired, more confused, more changes in my personality, I lost my sense smell, at least a sprectrum. I walk into a room and pass what seems a cloud of bitter noxious gas. Still no clue what it is but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was my very own BO! My condo apparently had roof and foundation leaks the 10 yrs I lived there and was brimming with mold between drywalls, in vents (rains dripped into furnace and blew it out, so I had to move to an apartment while paying mortgage, but had lost job as was just so confused….I was getting progressively worse and not noticing, but the mold was a huge epigenetic factor that living in an apartment, lost my house and investment, no spore in site, I still have to take anti-fungal meds every day or the Neuro aspect – brain infammation – comes back. I’ve had high IgGs since a naturopath of all doctors tested for it in 2014)

    Anyway, no matter the time of year, I wake up DRENCHED. Unpeeling out of soaked sheets only to catch a chill – I learned quickly to throw open my sheets at a nice 45 degree angle every morning so I don’t have to crawl into a cold, wet bed that night (I barely move when I sleep, so never have to make bed..) I started realizing mydeoderant seemed to have stopped working. In the morning whatever “Fresh Scent Name” I applied was on, in all it’s 19% aluminum glory. But couple hours, half way through the day the funk got on. And wearing a technical shirt? Those workout shirts? Half hour’s all I got, those are the worst.

    I just grabbed a container of Burts Bees (I think? Jason’s is the shampoo……) “Calendula deoderant.” My dog has been fighting skin fungal infections from internal inflammation as long as I have, and I’ve learned a lot about herbal stuff, making him lotions and potions. Calendula is spuposed to kill all these microbials or whatever. So I read the label when I get home – no calendula in the product labeled calendula wtih a marigold flower on it.

    Saw the Wellness Mama site and noted the coconut oil recipe, I don’t remember bentonite clay in it…. But that was a month ago, cant’ store new memories. I DO know that a couple tablespoons in a litre of water (fizzy water bottle empty), shake it up ’till it’s like milk (clays take 4 hours to absorb what they can, and maximize their binding site capacity). I added digestive enzymes plus some other enzymes – hoping to eat through the biofilm on his body. It worked SO WELL, that I think I might try this.

    Doubts: basic + acid = neutralized? What do you think about nixing the apple cider vinegar and splashing some probiotics instread, like Zymox?

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