Fluffy AIP Biscuits 2.0

Hi lovelies – Hope your week is going splendidly! I want you all to know how amazing you are and how grateful I am that you come visit Living Lovely Autoimmune and share my recipes and thoughts with your friends! I never thought I would ever be navigating the joys and trials of running a health blog that gets bigger every day. I absolutely love creating things for you guys, so thank you from the bottom of my heart with these Fluffy AIP Biscuits 2.0!

I also want to paint a picture of how hard running a health blog can be – and I am nowhere near the big leagues. As you may or may not know, I was diagnosed with Graves disease in July of 2012. After a year of medication and feeling great, I tanked. Suddenly I had horrible eczema, I got hives every time I ate, I gained almost 20lbs, and was severely depressed because I was “losing” my body and myself and I didn’t know what to do. I was also working full time as a busy barista – I was a mess.

That’s when I found the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) as put forward by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne. I started slow, and within just a few weeks I could tell which foods I was still eating that were giving me hives. Once they were out I started healing slowly but very, very surely. It was such a relief to know that I could get a handle on my inflammation simply by which foods I ate or didn’t eat – I was only mildly stressed about having to cut so much out because it made going out so hard, but seriously, I couldn’t have been happier to lose most of it and try new things. I became known as the “sweet potato girl” at work because I would bring a whole one and microwave it with my meat and veg for lunch breaks while everyone else grabbed sandwiches from the fridge.

I started this blog as a way to keep track of my progress and eventually a friend convinced me to also share recipes of my own. I moved across the country, and started a Holistic Nutrition and Phytotherapy degree in Victoria, BC. I discovered I now have a mix of Graves and Hashimotos, and I still get eczema if I am chronically stressed (exam time!) or indulging in too much sugar (chocolate, I’m looking at you). I am currently a full time student, I still have to deal with the inevitable thyroid flares, adrenal and hormone issues, I don’t have a job, so my husband has to carry all of our expenses in a pricey city, and I devote my extra time to creating recipes and sharing posts on this little blog and on social media – both for my own pleasure, and for yours – for free!

So when I mistakenly decided to update my most popular recipe (Fluffy AIP Biscuits) to make it even better (!!!) and to address the comments I received that they had too much soda aftertaste (they definitely did haha), I was shocked to get a storm of panicked comments about how I had changed the recipe and nobody could handle it. They hadn’t even tried the new one yet! To again try to appease the masses, I added the original recipe to the bottom of the post so that everyone could win – yet still, I am getting comments that the new recipe is way off – I solemnly swear to all of you: I have tested it many times, and it results in exactly the same biscuit, but even softer and no aftertastes! To try to appease everyone again (and for the last time), I have returned the original biscuit recipe and post to it’s original state, and have created a whole new post for my updated recipe here! Whew!

I just need to say – I spend a lot of time trying to provide the autoimmune/AIP community with real world accounts of what it’s like living with an AI disorder and what has helped me personally. I try to provide delicious free recipes to fill the void on AIP/Paleo/etc. as well as to nourish and heal your body so you can flourish and grow and enjoy your life. I do not claim to be a Michelin Chef, a Master Baker, or a medical doctor – my content is free to you to use as you will, or to leave. If a recipe does not fit your needs, I welcome questions for solutions, but I can not guarantee answers – not all recipes or advice work for all people – you have to figure out what works for YOU! That’s the magic! And that’s how many of these recipes are created – taking a bunch of recipes or ideas that don’t quite fit my needs, and turning them into something I love and can eat without dying haha!

There is SO much choice out there now, especially for the growing AIP community, and I think that if something here doesn’t work for you, than there will definitely be something out there that will. The community has grown so much, and is truly an astounding resource of healing, creativity and wonderfulness – and I am thrilled to be a small part of that. Thank you!

Bread is incredibly comforting and brings soft, warm memories to those who pass a bakery, or visit Paris, or go on a picnic. Sometimes bread is simply essential to happiness! These biscuits will fill the void when you’re craving that warm, nostalgic piece of bread to go with your hearty stew, your soup and salad, or topped with a generous helping of pate and fresh herbs. Made with easily accessed ingredients and kept super simple, you can whip up a batch of these fluffy biscuits to treat your non-AIP guests as well!

As per the original recipe, I use Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour as it has the best consistency for this recipe, Aroy-D coconut milk, and Great Lakes gelatin. The original recipe is still available in my AIP recipe tab for those of you that prefer the original biscuit.

***This recipe was updated to be freezer-friendly, and is featured in the NEW Freezer Cooking for the Paleo AIP community cookbook! Check it out for lots of amazing freezer-friendly AIP recipes!***

Fluffy AIP Biscuits 2.0 (makes 12)
1 1/2 cup coconut flour
2 cups tapioca starch
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
2 tsp gelatin powder
1/2 cup olive or avocado oil, plus 1 Tbsp if needed
1 cup canned coconut milk
1/2 cup water, plus 1 Tbsp if needed

In a large bowl, mix the flour, starch, soda, salt and gelatin powder (no blooming in water first). Add the milk, water and oil to the dry ingredients and mix into a soft dough. Pat into 12 balls, flattening slightly, and place on a baking sheet. Bake at 375F for 15-25 minutes, or until golden on bottom.

Do you have a recipe that you’ve been trying to recreate? Or tips on your best AIP kitchen tricks? Share them with me in the comments, on Facebook, or on Instagram (links in sidebar)!


33 thoughts on “Fluffy AIP Biscuits 2.0

  1. I’m pregnant and have struggled eating AIP! I needed a “starch” when I’m feeling nauseated. This bread works fantastic!!! ❤️ It! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Gelatin is exactly the same product as collagen EXCEPT that gelatin will act as a binder in the biscuits and collagen will not. So, you can definitely add collagen to this recipe, it just won’t help to hold them together 😊

  2. I never comment on recipes but these are so good and easy I wanted to say thanks 🙂 I’ll be making them a lot more, I’m sure!

  3. Thank you so much for this EASY TO MAKE recipe! Hallelujah! I’m usually tired when I come home, so to be able to whip these up in 10 min or less with numerous portions as a result is a Godsend. Feeling more ‘normal’ and less anxious knowing I have a bread substitute go-to. Will try adding the cinnamon and blueberries as suggested in my next round. Great job!

  4. Yay! These are better than 1.0! I have been making these about once a week. I found out I can now eat honey so these are the perfect vessel.

  5. Now that the weather has gotten cooler, I was getting a hankering for AIP Fluffy Biscuits as a complement to some homemade AIP Hamburger Soup. I’ve made these biscuits before following your original recipe, but I decided to use this recipe to make a larger batch as I do LOVE them so. I did have to add extra liquid when mixing the dough to make it less crumbly, but that didn’t affect the final product. These biscuits are just as tasty and filling as ever, and now I don’t have to be so stingy with them!

  6. I needed 1 1/2 Cup of water to be able to have the dough wet enough to make rolls and not just clumble into pieces!
    Baking with ingredients from Sweden.

    1. That’s good to know! I definitely find that even brand to brand here in Canada, the wet measurements have to change a bit 🙂

  7. I LOVE this recipe. I added some cinnamon and blueberries to my second batch to make scones! they were amazing. I have made them 4 times in different ways. I have found the avocado oil works best they did not crack. I added some herbs and made it into a baguette! This is my go to recipe for a treat!

  8. I tried your biscuit recipe on a chilly, rainy day to go with my homemade chicken soup…Yay!!!
    This recipe gives hope to everyone who has to eat a modified diet for their health, and with a salted coconut oil spread, this is almost my Gran’s “baking soda biscuit “! Pretty close in taste and texture to that old timey recipe.
    One thing I’d say tho is when the mix is too dry, I add more coconut milk (rather than water) 1tbsp at a time with the mixer running. It just starts to cling together and you can see the right consistency coming together in the bowl. Fun and yummy! Thanks.

  9. I never comment on posts, but I just had to! I had made your first version of the biscuits several times and loved the texture but the soda aftertaste was a bit strong. I’m starting back on AIP and couldn’t find my original recipe, and was so happy to search and find this updated post. THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I had to quickly bag up the rest of the batch so I wouldn’t eat too many. Well done! I did have to add extra liquid, but I think that’s because I use a different brand of coconut flour. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much! That is great to hear and it means a lot to me that you commented to let me know! I have warm fuzzies 😊

  10. Thank you for the suggestions. I just made these again with dry and ground coconut flour and 1 Tbsp homemade grain-free baking powder so it had the acid included. I only used half the water called for, but it was too runny. Had to use a small sheet pan with a lip and baked for about 40 minutes. They turned out a little lighter in texture and nicely crunchy on the outside. I think I’m going to try upping the ratio of coconut flour to tapioca starch, as they may both be a bit different here. Will keep you posted.

  11. Thank you for taking your time and sharing all this! I am excited to try. I live in Ontario where can I find all the ingredients? Do you find them in a regular food shopping store like loblaws or a health food store?

    1. Thank you! I’m from the Ottawa area and I used to find a lot at Loblaws, and everything else at health food stores. They’re getting easier and easier to find 🙂 The gelatin can definitely be found in health food stores, or for a quick option you can use Knox packets (not grassfed) from Loblaws (jello section). Best of luck!

  12. I just made these at 8,300 ft in elevation. I used freshly made coconut flour (the solids from making coconut milk that I mostly dried), and didn’t add the water. My oven only gets up to 350*F, so they really didn’t puff up and turned out rather chewy in the center. Not sure how to account for the above noted changes, but would love something with a little more “lift” and less chew. Any ideas? Thank you!

    1. Sounds wonderfully adventurous! I don’t think the oven heat is the issue, but perhaps your coconut flour just wasn’t dry/fine enough? I do find using even “raw” coconut flour results in a different texture for this recipe, which is why I use Bob’s which is quite dry and fine. I can’t really give suggestions here as I was not there to witness the dough or anything else, but I will say that they don’t really “puff up”, though they should not be gummy at all. You could try a little more soda (at risk of leaving an aftertaste), or perhaps a little lemon juice/ACV to react with the soda will give extra lift? Not sure – hope that helps!

  13. I love your aip biscuits! I did have to add 1/2 cup extra liquid because my dough was crumbly at first, but they turned out wonderful! My second batch is in the past oven as I type this! Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

  14. Wow… I haven’t tried either of these but I’m planning on trying this one. I’m so sorry that people give you such a hard time! I’ll never understand it – it’s not like you are paid to cater to every individual that read your blog! Anyway thanks for sharing your world with the AIP masses. Now, to baking!

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