Challenging Myself + a Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

This is my first Thanksgiving away from all family and friends, so my Hubby and I are recreating feasting favourites on a smaller scale. It’s also Hubby’s Birthday on the 12th, so a candle in his very own pumpkin pie is in order.

Thanksgivings gone by – livinglovelyautoimmune

I was recently told about the I’m Glad I Learned” Challenge by the lovely StephJ of ScaleSimple. What better time to attempt it than Canadian Thanksgiving? (full “rules” on her blog – go check it out at the link above!)

1) I’m glad I learned…if I don’t look after my body, I will have nowhere to live. Autoimmune disease has taught me so much. I don’t even know where to begin or end; however I will tell you from experience that chronic stress combined with poor food choices and eating habits, and too much self-bashing will get you stuck faster than you can say “Wait, I take it back!”.

2) I’m glad I learned…that my body is not the enemy.
Doctors use a language that can make it seem like your body is at fault when it stops working “properly”, such as in autoimmune disorders. Really though, I know my body was trying pretty darn hard to get my attention for long enough to tell me I was making it too difficult for it to function efficiently. Autoimmune disease is your body doing it’s job and stalling function so that we will take notice and DO SOMETHING! Of course, the lesson becomes even harder to learn at this point; we may end up hating our bodies for becoming raggedy at the edges instead of accepting responsibility and moving on to doing something helpful and loving.

3) I’m glad I learned…how to breathe.
This one I am still learning to incorporate in my life. I have a wonderful Ayurveda and nutrition teacher who is also an expert in breathing techniques for reducing stress and directly nourishing the kidneys and adrenals. Did you know breathing through your mouth or shallowly into your chest can cause increased stress, while relaxing your jaw and breathing simply into your lower belly, pelvic girdle and back can result in instant calm and imperative organ healing? Amazing, emergency-situation-helpful knowledge, my friends!

4) I’m glad I learned…how to give thanks.
I tend to forget this important lesson when I’m stressed or in crisis, but I am truly grateful that my parents taught us early on to be thankful for what we have before we let jealousy or selfishness find root. It is one of the easiest lessons to use, and yet can be one of the hardest to remember.

5) I’m glad I learned…that I’m allowed to still be learning!
This one speaks for itself I think…it’s a definite lifelong lesson!

Apropos to this weekend and learning to work with your emotions through the curve-balls of autoimmunity (and life in general) is Hayley’s beautiful new post on Emotions as Messengers. Hayley is a lovely soul I met when I arrived in Victoria, B.C., and she creates the most delicious/nutritious recipes ever! Check her out at I Eat Real Food, you won’t regret it!

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Beyond the Bite’s amazing stuffing recipe!

Some tried and true, as well as new-to-me recipes being made in my tiny kitchen this year. I will be making a Turmeric + Rosemary Roast Chicken, Kale + Onions sauteed in Bone Broth, and Roast Delicata Squash with Himalayan salt and pepper, and these lovely recipes:

*AIP Pumpkin Pie

*AIP Herbed Stuffing (I use white sweet potatoes and extra sage. This recipe is even Hubby-approved…that means a LOT!)

*AIP-Friendly Butter Beer (YES! Hogwarts, here I come!)

Give thanks and eat yummy food! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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