Radish Mint Salad (AIP, Paleo, Vegan)

radish mint salad, bowl

Spring is a time for shedding the winter layers and lightening up with more fresh, cooling vegetables and herbs, boosting detoxification processes and getting all the sunshine! It’s also the perfect time to start foraging wild leaves and purchasing locally grown produce. This Radish Mint Salad will help you slide gracefully into the new season, boost your digestion, and leave you happy and satisfied! Read more

Hayley’s Favourite Veggie Dips (Paleo, AIP-option, Dairy-free, Vegan)

veggies and dip, dairy free

The lovely Hayley of Inner Pass Acu and I Eat Real Food has a knack for recipe development, and today is no exception! Read on to find two of Hayley’s Favourite Veggie Dips for the summer season!

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Summer Solstice

This Sunday (June 21st, 2015), I will be celebrating the Summer Solstice. The northern-most sun of the year. I have never celebrated this event really, but have always been keenly conscious of this day. For me, it signals beautiful, happy summer days ahead, but also the too-quick decline back into the dreaded dark of winter. As the Solstice marks the turning of the year, “thus even in summer’s beginning, we find the seeds of summer’s end”. ~Deborah Byrd~ Read more